A ribute to    Weldon Jordan as a 60 Year Member of the Posse in 2008


                                                  Weldon C. Jordan 

Weldon Jordan
joined the Posse in 1948 and by his record served the Posse in many ways over the years.
 He served as Lieutenant in 1994, Wrangler in 1960, Captain in 1963, received his 25 Year Award in 1973,
 received his 40 Year Award in 1988, received his 50 Year Award in 1998.
He was awarded a Life Member
 Award in 2000.
Then was the second Posse member  to received his 60 Year Award in 2008. The Posse was
 saddend with his passing in 2009. What a legend for the Posse, the community, and the business world as the
 Weldon Jordan Construction Company. Probably no member contributed more to the Posse than he during his
 61 years. Also add to this his son Bill Jordan served as Captain in 1974, and his grandson Judd Jordan served
 as Captain in 2003. To this date the only 3 generation Captains for the Posse.
                               Weldon Jordan 1967  Weldon and Judd Jordan 1974  



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