Parker County Sherriff's Posse

  01/02/2020                                             Brent Terrell

Please put Brent Terrell and family on your prayer list, with the loss of his mother.
  01/02/2020                                             Roudy Turner

Please put Roudy Turner's mom on your prayer list, as she awaites a lung transplant. Pray it will be available soon, and procedure goes well.
  12/10/2019                                             James Surginer

Please put James Surginer and familly in your prayers with the loss of his dad, Johnny Ray Surginer.
  12/05/2019                                             Maurice Curfman

Please put Maurice Curfman on your prayer list. Good news he was just inducted into the CRA Cowboy Hall of Fame.
   Bad news he had a bad fall Monday and is in ICU at Weatherford Reigional Hospital. Maurice is one of our
   long time members.
  12/05/2019                                           Tommy Newberry

Please put Tommy Newberry on your prayer list. He is recovering from kidney transplant, last news I got
   he is home and doing fine.


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