Coy Carter 60 Year Award
                                                                                1959 - 2019 - Captain 198




Coy Carter joined the Posse in 1959, served as Captain 1980, served as Sheriff 1961-1968, served as Constable and then Preceint 3 Commissioner. Coy has been a leading
popular figure in parker County for many years. He celebrated his 90th birthday May 19, 2019 in good health & happiness at the PCSP headquarters, with a huge crowd.
His birthday party made the front page of the Democrat, plus continued article on page 2. What a tribute to this great man and legend. He is well known for his bolsterions
voice, which would carry for blocks, turning heads, I called him "the voice of the Posse".




Captain Coy Carter 1980 Receiving his 60 Year Award at the Posse 2019


Chutes at Cheyenne, WY 2012 First Place Parade Award Cheyenne Wyoming
Coy Carter, Capt. Joe Harris, Noel Bryant


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Coy, Memorial for Bob Elder 2017 Rodeo Weatherford Democrat, Coy's 90th Birthday